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John Sterbick has been providing Puget Sound Businesses and Residents with specialized Tax Relief and Bankruptcy lawyers out of Tacoma since 1988. By working with the NACBA – National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Sterbick lawyers have been evening up the odds for their clients for over twenty years.

Tax liens, wage garnishments, audit representation, back taxes, and even payroll tax issues; the list of potential tax troubles goes on and on. For anyone contacting or negotiating with the IRS, a Tax Relief Specialist is highly recommended. Generally, IRS agents are more open to discussion when another tax professional is involved. Hiring a Sterbick lawyer means working with a professional whose job it is to keep up on ever changing state and federal tax laws.

Filling bankruptcy is when “debtors”, either individual citizens or businesses, who owe “creditors” more than they are able to pay, work out a payment plan or “discharge” most of their debt. Bankruptcy laws grow increasingly tricky every year. Determining if or when to file bankruptcy requires a thorough understanding of the options before you, and that’s when a skilled attorney becomes truly invaluable.

The NACBA dedicates itself to serving consumer bankruptcy lawyers and protecting consumer debtor’s bankruptcy rights. Since its formation in 1992 they have grown to include more than 4000 members in all 50 United States. They have also played a key role in numerous consumer bankruptcy rights cases in the U.S. Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court. In addition, the association has the most comprehensive attorney bankruptcy education program in America including annual conventions and workshops. If you need a Tax or Bankruptcy lawyer in the Tacoma area, A. Sterbick and Associates is the absolute best firm to turn to.

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